We Cater for the following: 

  • Weddings,
  • School functions 
  • Parties 
  • Conferences
  • Business meetings,
  • Product launches or anywhere where sound is required.



I offer the following in the above mentioned functions.

  • 2 sets of laser lights (Newest Beamz® technology)
  • 1 electronic mirror ball (Newest Beamz® technology)
  • 2 Sets of strobe lights (Newest Beamz® technology)
  • 1 show bar with two sets of disco lights. (Newest Beamz® technology)
  • 1 Chauvet® Dj smoke(fog)machine
  • Bubble Machine for confetti at your ceremony and at the reception
  • 3 Roaming microphones, 25m range, and a lapel microphone for people that don’t want to use the hand held mics. (microphone holders, for tables or pulpits included, also microphone stands)
  • For Conferences I supply a projector, and can also use it at parties for background movies, clips or live recordings of the people enjoying the party while the people are on the dance floor.

I use a;

  1. Four channel Bheringer mixer and
  2. Two Numark cd decks( I have a wide variety of cd’s I mix with, but
  3. I also make use of two laptops with the relevant software to mix my music.

(Currently my music track count on my pc alone is over 1.2million tracks)

  1. My speakers are powered by a 1000w RMS per channel Bheringer amplifier.
  2. Also, two Warfedale pro speaker boxes housing two 15’’ speakers and a tweeter per box, 1000w per box
  3. I also take my tablet and router with me for the unlikely chance that I don’t have a song that is requested, I can look it up on the Net.
  4. I am request friendly, there is a book I bring with for the people at the party to write what they like to hear, I look it up and play it to the croud.

My service to you

Unlike most Mobile Dj’s out there, I’m “user friendly”. I accommodate the wishes of the event’s organiser, and will try my best to play the type of music that is requested by you. On the day of the function I take requests, and will do my best to satisfy your guest’s requests.

Meeting the party that requires my services before the function is important to me, I prefer to prepare myself before the “big” day, but I have been called at the last minute in the past, and had satisfied customers.